Smart Fleet Management Software is an easy substitute for outdated fleet software and spreadsheets that can be used to automate fleet operations duties and maintain the efficiency of your vehicles and equipment.

Fleet upkeep shouldn’t be difficult.
It ought to be automatic.

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The useful fleet tracking system will help you go from being reactive to being proactive. Keep track of every detail involving your fleet, never question what has been done or what needs to be done, and improve communication among fleet managers, owners, vendors, drivers, technicians, admins, and others.

Assemble a Team

The entire team may actively engage in fleet operations thanks to features designed for exception management, limitless users, and adjustable permissions.

Control from Anywhere

With user-friendly online and mobile apps made for busy, dispersed fleets, you can handle any fleet-related task or surface crucial data whenever and wherever you are.

Automate Operations

Automate every step of your maintenance procedure with robust operational workflows and data connections. No more typing in data by hand.

The foundation of fleet upkeep

Sonar’s Fleet GPS Tracking Software allows an efficient process from trigger to resolution while giving complete data at every step, whether you manage maintenance in-house or outsource service. Increase uptime, maintain safety and compliance, and receive early notification of unforeseen issues by fully automating routine maintenance activities including PMs, inspections, and issue resolution.

Boost availability and control the full maintenance lifecycle in one location.

Assemble your ideal fleet maintenance process by delegating responsibilities to team members. From reminders to reports, track and manage every aspect of your fleet’s maintenance to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Data fuels your fleet

Consider Sonar to be the brains of your fleet vehicle tracking system. To make smarter decisions for your organization, centralize all of your data, integrate third-party solutions (such as fuel cards, GPS devices, and maintenance shops), and obtain insights from data science. Never again doubt the profitability of your fleet by controlling costs using real-time indicators like total cost, cost per mile, and asset utilization.

Vehicle Supply Chain Challenges for the Fleet Industry in 2023

In terms of challenges with fleet asset procurement, 2023 appears to be continuing the legacy from the previous two years. Be prepared for ongoing long lead times between orders and deliveries, higher acquisition costs, and possibly even occasional order cancellations. Many fleet managers say they have poor trust that they will actually receive the vehicles they order this year [2022].

Although some fleet managers are more certain that they will receive the vehicles they buy, the issue is how long it will take for them to be delivered. Most of the problems that made it difficult to find replacement vehicles that started in the 2021 model year are still present, and fleet managers are worried that they will have an influence on their 2023 purchases. Unfortunately, not having the essential resources can affect anything from fulfilling daily company objectives to finding new talent. Due to this, several fleets are attempting to proactively solve the issue by leasing fleet vehicles or prolonging the lives of their present assets’ vehicles.

More people using fleet leasing

As was already said, fleet leasing offers a fantastic possibility for businesses struggling with the acquisition of assets. a report from Expert Market Research claims, “In 2021, the market for leasing light commercial vehicles reached a size of USD 50.5 billion. During the projected period of 2023–2028, the market is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.10 [percent] to reach USD 80.2 billion by 2027.”

Fleets of all sizes benefit from greater flexibility with leasing when it comes to financial terms, seasonal fleet scaling, purchase prices, and asset disposal. Even fuel and fleet management services are provided by some leasing companies.

Greater Use of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

We noted in our 2022 trends that self-driving car services in collaboration with automobile giants are set out to put fully-functional autonomous vehicles on the road.

Fleets are likely to see higher-level autonomous offerings in 2023, specifically Levels 3 and 4, where the vehicle is essentially self-sufficient but a driver is still required to be present to take control as needed. This is because OEMs and aftermarket AV specialists are continuing to build on a functional foundation.

Reduce your Delivery Fleet Operating Cost

To stay competitive in the market, fleet owners necessarily need to look at reducing their operating costs rather than increasing their prices. A couple of tactics that must be used to be cost-effective are:

  • Prioritize preventive maintenance
  • Monitor how fuel is being consumed by the fleet
  • A data-driven approach for replacing vehicles
  • Data entry to be automated.
  • This will also enable an automated scheduling system.

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