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Sonar’s  Solution  for  Retail  Management

For the retail industry, a big challenge is connectivity. Our site survey and enterprise wireless services ensure that all the retail premises are full covered with wireless network at the access points already identified in the site survey.

Barcode and RFID driven solution along with asset management software make stocktaking and inventory management easy. However, our intelligent solution forecasts and identifies the stocks that need to be replenished.

Our stock management software along with automated scheduling system makes the workflows automated – whether it is asset tracking, management or something else. So, whether you want a data capture solution, or an integrated solution along with mobile device management services, can streamline your retail operations and boost profitability.

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Frequently  Asked  Questions

What stock management systems do you offer for general merchandise retail?

For a range of retail sub-industries, we offer enterprise wireless services that maintain connectivity across various locations between store to warehouse. Our connectivity blueprints re-assure clients that goods and services are tracked constantly until received at their end destination for both online and in store purchasing.

How do your solutions make online transactions more manageable?
We offer integrated solutions that include – device for data capture, integration with existing systems and automating the workflows.
How do your mobile device management services help retail businesses in running department stores?

With our services we ensure that your data capture devices are running optimally and there are minimal issues. Our team will take care of your mobile device fleet maintenance as well.

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