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Efficient Transport & Logistics Operations with Automation

Trans Send is an integrated solution that automates all processes of transport and logistics operations.

You no longer have to deal with lost paperwork, time-consuming data management, and loss of revenue due to inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

Sonar’s transport and logistics solutions manage pickups, deliveries, optimises runs and routes with auto-allocation to minimise the operator burden.

This integrated solution ensures that any data update is reflected across the entire system in real-time. Customers get the notification for PODs and it also generates the maintenance alerts.

With the best smart transport logistics solution in Australia, you can transform your business into a smart enterprise that not only manages your system, but is intelligent enough to improve customer/user experience.

Fully  Featured  to  Manage  Various  Workflows

Job Management

Job Management & Auto Job Generation

Real Time Communication

Real Time mobile Communication

Customer Track & Trace

client Tracing and management

Pick & Drop Optimisation

Pick & Drop Optimisation

GPS & RFID Tracking

GPS & RFID Tracking

Integrated Warehouse

Integrated Warehouse Management

Load Management

Load Order & Load Management

Map Scheduling & Auto Dispatch

Map Scheduling & Auto Dispatch

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Route Optimisation

Route Optimisation & Auto-Scheduling

Driver Receipt

Driver Receipt & Progress Reporting

Web Booking

Web Booking & ticketing


Resource & Vehicle Management

Driver Safety Management

Driver Safety Management

Customised Reporting

Customised Reporting

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Who Benefits From Trans Send?

Freight logistics

vehicle Carrying

Equipment Rental

Medical Goods Transport


Emergency Services

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Frequently  Asked  Questions

What is Trans Send?
It’s freight broking management software that automates the workflows – pickups, deliveries, cross-town work, tracking, proof of deliveries. Easy integration with Sortation Systems and our Yard & Dock Management solution, makes it a comprehensive solution.
Which Technology is Trans Send built with?
The system is developed in the C# language and uses the ‘.Net’ platform.
Which is the current version & what new features does it offer?
Trans Send 5.5 is the latest version and the new features include truck GPS tracker, and increased capacity of handling large volume of transactions.
Are the Pick Up & Drop Modules upgraded?
Yes, now a job can be undertaken without the freight having to go through a depot.  There is a new booking screen to enter new jobs & Pickup and Drop address in the new road freight solutions.  Now the two jobs are created, one for a Pickup and the other for a Delivery. Both of these are assigned to the same run.
How Does 'Web Based Vehicle & Job Tracking' Functionality Work?

It expands the capabilities of the system by giving access of fleet and job monitoring to other authorised users over the browser.  It is used to respond to customer queries – about the delivery time. If it’s undelivered, the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) is updated by looking at the vehicle’s live location on the map in proximity to the job.

What about Bug Fixes and Charges?

We provide bug fixes in two forms: database fixes (involving stored procedure changes) and application code fixes.  All fixes to the existing design or agreed customisation are provided without additional cost in accordance with the client’s custom agreement.

What if I need a functionality that is not covered in the specified design?

These queries are handled with the ‘Change Request’ procedure and are charged to the customer.

How Smart Assets or Stock Control and Re-ordering will benefit my business?
With this solution it is easy to track the assets and visualise the stock availability. With real-time knowledge of stock its easy to replenish the inventory timely.

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