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    Sonar’s Logistic and Warehousing Solution

    Our warehouse management system streamlines the material flow in warehouse and make your operations more efficient.

    Need a solution for inbound material handling? We can provide a solution to effectively manage the inbound material. Similarly, we also offer warehouse management software for managing outbound material handling.

    Our asset management solution helps to make your operations robust by taking the asset maintenance a notch above. We offer an integrated solution that reduces breakdowns and the life of assets.

    Enterprise wireless is another service that we offer for connected warehouses. This solution identifies the best spots for wireless installation and also enables wireless connectivity for full – coverage. We offer comprehensive warehouse management system solution that makes your warehouse operations efficient. Ready for automated warehousing?

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    Frequently  Asked  Questions

    Do you provide both hardware and software for warehouse management system?

    Yes we do. Our software solution ‘LARS’,  is an automated sortation system and is unparalleled and proven to increase warehouse productivity.

    Do you provide smart assets software for warehousing services?
    Yes, we offer automated software solutions for warehousing that take care of the sortation. We also offer solution that offers full visibility and control over your assets.
    What solutions do you offer for managed warehouse services?

    Sonar offers automated software solutions for warehousing management which can be customised to suit your warehouse’s specific requirements.

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