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    Sonar’s  Manufacturing  Solution

    We offer the integrated solution for manufacturing industries to manage products and the supply chain. With extensive experience in implementing tracking solution using Barcode and RFID.

    Our capabilities include mobile device management that enables the businesses to capture data of the products and increase the operational productivity.

    We can also track and manage your equipment and other assets. Moreover, the integrated solution reduces break-down, wastage and costs with maintenance schedules.

    Even those manufacturing units that are struggling with inefficient production and increased costs can benefit from our inventory management system, solution and services.

    Our wireless solutions can be used to ensure that there is network connectivity at various access points.

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    Diverse  &  Bespoke  Professional  Services

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    Frequently  Asked  Questions

    How does your smart asset solution for manufacturing company help my business?
    ‘Visual Assets’ is our smart solution asset management and maintenance. Once implemented this solution makes it a lot easier to track the assets.
    Does Sonar offer solutions for stock and inventory management?

    Yes, we offer a solution that carefully monitors the ingoing and outgoing products/resouces of it’s warehouse while tracking inventory to provide alerts when stocks are low or redundancies are present.

    What technologies do your manufacturing solutions utilise?

    Our solution uses Barcode and RFID for tracking assets. Moreover, our solution automates any kind of operation your daily workflows require, for which we provide live demos too.

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