Migrate Your Windows Barcode Scanning Devices to Android before end of 2022.

Why Shouldn’t You Delay?

  • MS ends support for Windows Enterprise OS 6.5.3 on barcode terminals.
  • New scanning devices aren’t available.
  • Legacy devices can’t be repaired.

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     Make Scanning Devices Work Smarter with Android

    End of support for Windows platform will make devices dysfunctional and may lead to downtime and halted business operations. Migrate your devices to Android and make your business agile with many other benefits.

    Reduced Downtime

    Prevent downtime and loss of operational productivity. Shift from one operating system to another with Sonar Technologies International’ Windows to Android Migration solutions. Reduce downtime or all your business-critical applications, even green screen software.

    Many Hardware Options

    When you migrate to Android, you can use a large variety of devices to regulate your business operations – latest mobile computers, scanners, tablets and other portable business ready devices.

    Automated Workflows

    Our migration solution and ecosystem of technology partners work cohesively to optimise workflows with dynamic automation scripts, the use of meta tags and post processing utilities.

    Host System Preservation

    With our migration support you can preserve your business-critical systems including WMS, EPR, and more – all without causing any disruption.

    Support for Apps

    Our migration solution is fully capable of supporting all of your web-based business applications – including SAP and Oracle for a great Android experience.

    Support For Telnet Apps

    Green screen apps are critical part of your business operations – but they can also be transitioned to Android, with full optimisation that’s ready to perform.

    Which Devices are Impacted?

    Zebra MC92, MC32

    Honeywell CK75, CK71

    Know Your Migration Journey

    • Device(s) of concern are ordered for a trial period assigned.
    • Yard and dock or field services usually require upto a week or more of testing, depending on the applications used and each company’s specific business mode.
    • These devices can be chosen after meeting our technical team either at our office or in a virtual/telephone meeting.
    • The specified Android device samples are sent for a testing period specified by the technical team.
    • During this period our team helps clients trouble shoot any issues which may arise and provide all rounded support.
    • After the testing period is complete and successful the sample device is kept and more are ordered.
    • Orders are placed and employees are trained to use new Android devices with supplementary support from Sonar’s tehcnical team.
    • During this time Windows devices are phased out and sent back to distributors if required
    • Windows devices are successfully phased out and all technical issues (if any) with new Android devices are resolved at this stage.
    • Maintenance of devices are not an issues however if any are damaged or faulty, they are sent back to Sonar for repairs, and will be sent back as soon as possible.
    • Trouble shooting services continue.

    Which Industries Will Be Affected?

    Any industry using these portable barcode scanners will be affected.

    Transportation and Logistics




    Our industry experts can help you how to make a transition to Android.

    What Should You Be Aware About?

    When will Microsoft end the support?

    Microsoft announced the end of Windows Enterprise OS 6.5.3 on barcode terminals over 5 years ago (around 2017). The support is expected to come to an end by the end of 2022. MS OS based devices are no longer supplied and very soon, they will not be repaired as well. Thus, companies need to plan ahead and seriously consider the migration path to Android. If they fail to plan, they will simply not have any options left as far as bar code scanning devices are concerned by end 2022.

    What will happen after it?

    Once the support ends, the existing devices can’t be repaired and the new devices.

    When Android devices came and how long they will remain?

    When MS announced their exit from mobile segment, Google came with open-source Android devices about 5 years ago. Now, Android power billions of mobile devices across the globe.