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Managing business operations can get complicated when you are growing. We are here to help with smart solutions that automate the work-flows, bring in efficiencies, and portability. Our user-friendly solutions, reduce conflicts, remove bottlenecks, and reduce wastage – leading to improved profitability.

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Success  Stories

Advance Car Carriers

The Challenges

  • Lot of paper usage
  • Need for Accurate Driver Information
  • No integration of survey reports, billing and zoning communications

The Solution

Implemented Trans Send that automates workflows and optimises runs and routes.

Transport and logistics solutions for Car Carrying
Case Study


The Challenges

  • Manual Process for stocktakes and markdowns
  • No integration with warehouse system.

The Solution

Implemented a hybrid solution leveraging automation technologies from Sonar and devices from Zebra. 

Fresh Produce  Group

The Challenges

  • Issues in stocktaking due to poor quality equipment.
  • The wireless network didn’t work throughout the facility.
  • Poor visibility of stock and asynchronous updates of stock movement.

The Solution

Implemented automation technology and a new wireless network supported by Motorola for enhanced connectivity and data capture.

Smart Assets for Manufacturing company

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