In 2021, the logistics and transport market in Australia was estimated to be approximately USD 81 billion. Registering an expected growth rate of ~6% from 2022 to 2027, it is forecasted to hit about USD 114 billion by 2027. This humongous market growth, fueled by high investments in logistics infrastructures is monumental. However, it falls short of logistics automation. Automating the logistics system is a key factor in ensuring seamless supply-chain management operations where goods flow without any disruptions. Thus, it is important for businesses, small and large alike, to adopt customised automated solutions to ensure strong operational control, timely delivery and increased profit margins. Like many successful businesses, an intelligent Transport Management Solution is what you should be looking for.

What is a Transport Management Solution or TMS?

A Transport Management Solution is a management software, adapted for the freight or transport industry, that can help localise and transport goods faster and with ease. A TMS is used for mapping appropriate freight routes, planning transport and carrier movements, managing payments, and more.

Why does your business need a Transport Management Solution?

Being a complicated process with multiple moving parts, managing a supply chain is an operational overhead. Moreover, tracking movements, planning operational routes, and monitoring performance manually is certainly inefficient. An automated system that takes care of planning, integration, optimisation, and execution operations, is ideal in such a case.

Benefits of a Transport Management Solution

The logistics supply chain is a complex process. There are multiple moving parts and managing them along with the actual shipments is an operational overhead. Further, manual management and tracking of asset movements, performance, and strategic planning result in poor operational efficiency.

Some key processes of transportation management software include and not limited to,

1. Planning:  A Transportation Management System chooses the most efficient transportation plan including multi-leg freight routes. It takes into account cost-optimization, distance, efficiency, estimated time, delays, and mode of shipment.

2. Transportation: TMS also monitors the cargo delivery process 24*7. It controls freight movements and automates a dispatcher’s workload.

3. Support: TMS assists in creating a smooth workflow among multiple stakeholders throughout the cargo delivery process.

4. Calculations: TMS also helps analyze data in real time based on KPIs.

A Transport Management Software might consist of multiple modules that work either independently or together to provide you with a 360 management solution. Some of the common modules used in a TMS are Warehouse Management System(WMS), Enterprise Resource Planning System(ERP), Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Supply Chain Management System (SCM).

Choosing the right fit for you.

Choosing the most relevant TMS for your business is not as easy as it might look. Look for these features in your TMS and thank us later.

1. A TMS must have a real-time tracking feature. It allows the user to continuously monitor the movement of goods from one place to another through secure communication channels.

2. A smart TMS must include a route planning & optimization feature to complete deliveries on time.

3. A TMS must automate billing & invoicing procedures, optimize claims management, and manage COD orders, rider payout, etc.

4. A TMS must have an Integrated Warehouse Management system to manage warehouse functions smoothly.

And most of all, a TMS must be simple. It should be easy-to-use, with a low-coding requirement to reduce IT dependency.

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Why Sonar’s Transport Management Solution helps your business?

Sonar’s Transport Management Solution, Trans Send, is an integrated freight logistics software that automates transport and logistics operations. Trans Send solves all bottlenecks of lost paperwork, time-consuming data management, revenue loss, and inefficiencies. The field service management software manages pickups and deliveries, auto-allocates routes for optimized runs, and minimizes the burden on operators. Further, the integrated freight logistics

software ensures that all data is reflected in real-time, notifies customers through PODs, and generates maintenance alerts too.

➔ Real-time Mobile Communication.
➔ Client tracing and management.
➔ Pick and drop optimisation.
➔ GPS & RFID Tracking.
➔ Integrated Warehouse Management.
➔ Load order and load Management.
➔ Map Scheduling & Auto Dispatch.
➔ ERP Integration.
➔ Route Optimisation Auto-Scheduling.
➔ Driver Receipt and progress reporting.
➔ Web Booking and ticketing.
➔ Resource and vehicle management.
➔ Driver Safety Management.
➔ Customised Reporting.

A smart Transport Management Solution can leverage your business, help beat competitors and increase your profits.