Inventory and asset management is one of the biggest challenges for businesses in retail and warehousing. Keeping a track of your inventory and assets has to be fully automated for efficient operations.

Sonar Technologies International – Australia’s leading smart solutions’ provider, offers ‘Visual Assets’ to help businesses track their assets and schedule regular maintenance. The asset or inventory management software is packed with features to support your business in several ways.

1# Proper Management of Assets

Visibility of assets is the first requirement. The assets are identified using a barcode or RFID and are placed on an electronic location plan where its location can be as an asset move from one place to the other. The usage history of the asset is also available on the plan. The stocktaking is also relatively simple with the use of our inventory management software.

2# Increased Lifetime and Planned Replacement

When there is a smart solution that closely monitors the lifetime and the maintenance schedule of the various assets, their longevity. Our solution captures the data for the assets that need maintenance, their maintenance history, the frequency and the next maintenance too. The system generates the maintenance jobs that are scheduled and allocated to the team. The system captures the full data that helps to identify the asset-cost, and the problematic assets too. With our inventory management software, it’s easy to forecast better and leads to better acquisition or replacement of the assets.

3# Ease of Managing Consumables

Our solution is designed to link partially with a warehouse package. The solution can track and trace any item and make its location visible to others. Our solution also monitors the usage and the location using a barcode scanner. Also, it can handle the stock control and reordering to make the entire process simple for your business. That’s why we are the best inventory management software in Australia.

STI – Ready for The Best Inventory Management Software?

Our solutions are designed to be highly precise, and they are meant to fully automate the entire workflows in the asset management operations. As a result, it’s a lot easy to track and manage the assets and monitor them.

So, if you are looking for the most comprehensive solution – whether it be inventory management, or fleet management system – you can rely on us.

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