The secret to any successful business is efficient logistics and warehouse management. An effective warehouse management process increases efficiency and cuts costs by allowing optimum movement and storage of inventory. Better order cycles, improved worker productivity, cutting down on high costs, and managing data collection are some of the added benefits of a properly managed warehouse and logistic chain.

Why do businesses need warehouse management software?

Implementing warehouse management software like Sonar Technologies’ Logistic and Warehousing Solution is imperative to any logistic system. It has many benefits such as cost savings, reduced errors, customer satisfaction, and more.

1. Cost cutting

Most warehouses employ an extensive labor force consisting of managers, maintenance personnel, packers, and movers, which comprise about 65% of the entire warehouse budget. To stay at the top of the latest in-technology equipment is often required, which now creates a conundrum – whether to minimise workforce that could potentially impact daily operations or increase budget allocation to new technology. Either way, having more overheads can affect your profit margins. Having automated, operational Stock Management Software can optimize processes without the need to hire staff.

2. Inventory Control

Improving stock tracking and control is one of the primary functions of a Warehouse Management System. Stock control includes all orders that are to be picked, packed and shipped to the right customers. Any error within this system can cause the workflow to collapse and cause huge losses.

An automated logistic and warehousing system can help track orders, customer data, and transactions. That should improve long-term customer satisfaction levels.

3. Warehouse Space

The most critical factor for warehouse managers has enough storage space to store goods. With the poorly optimized layout at warehouses, items are at a higher risk of getting lost and taking more time to move from one location to another. In totality, a disorganized warehouse layout translates to a major loss in profits.

A warehouse management system built to locate required items and sorts items based on set criteria is necessary for increased productivity and profits. By integrating such a system, inventory holding costs can be lowered significantly in the long run.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Paperwork such as tickets, maintaining manual reports, packing lists etc. can be significantly reduced with STI’s warehouse management software. By streamlining the order-to-delivery process, warehouses can accurately deliver products to customers without any delay. This would reduce customer complaints and improve overall customer satisfaction.

5. Reduction in Lost Inventory

Integrating warehouse management software would help trace and assign designated slots to each item in the inventory list. This automated process would not allow items to get misplaced, thus reducing losses.

warehouse management workflow

Why Choose SONAR as Your Logistics and Warehousing Partner?

Sonar’s Logistic and Warehousing Solution is equipped with features that serve complex warehouse processes as well. It streamlines the material flow in the warehouse and makes operations more efficient.

It is designed to increase the accuracy of inventories and reduce shipping issues, and the robust automated solution is a 360-degree solution to all warehouse & logistics needs. Especially when coupled with Sonar’s Asset Management Solution, Enterprise Wireless and LARS (automated sortation system) is a complete package that can reduce breakdowns and the life of assets, enable wireless connectivity, and increase warehouse productivity. That is the reason it is the perfect software solution for your business.

Since a well-equipped, automated Logistic and warehousing solution streamlines your processes and lets you achieve more with less, Sonar’s Logistics and Warehousing Solution in Australia is the perfect fit for your business.