When you send out a large shipment, it’s important to have a system to help you plan your delivery routes, for faster deliveries and improved productivity. Smart Courier management software can do just that.

With an automated courier management solution in place, you can create customized delivery plans, based on the number of delivery agents, preferred time slots by customers, and the number of pick & drop locations and track the progress of each shipment as it moves through the distribution system.

It ensures that your shipments get where they need to go on time, without any delays or lost packets.

To find the best courier management software available in Australia, read on!

What is delivery route planning?

Delivery route planning is a method that includes planning, sequencing, and optimal scheduling routes so drivers can hit the maximum number of orders in the shortest time.

The method specifically helps delivery managers plan cost-effective and economical routes for riders that minimize the distance and time taken for delivery.

Key Challenges faced by Courier and Delivery Industry

  1. Delayed deliveries
  2. Complicated delivery management processes
  3. Cumbersome paperwork
  4. Poor operational visibility
  5. Inefficient delivery route planning
  6. Inability to track orders in real-time
  7. Poor customer experience

How does an End-to-End Scheduling and Time Tracking Software help?

An end-to-end scheduling and time tracking software ensures support at every stage of your business process, from scheduling & dispatching till after delivery.

#1 Pre-dispatch: Schedule deliveries

  • Schedule your deliveries faster by:
  • Assign deliveries to drivers based on their service location
  • Assign deliveries based on the most optimised route
  • Allow drivers to grab deliveries with special instructions from customers like delivery time request and contact details

#2 During Delivery: Real-time tracking

  • Real-time tracking of courier field agents’ speed of deliveries and location
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries and lesser complaints
  • Update delivery route for cancelled/ rescheduled deliveries

#3 After Delivery: Get notified of Delivery

  • Reduce lost packages
  • Manage customer information on the app and in real time
  • Focused improvement in last mile delivery experience

Delivery management software

Features of Sonar’s Courier Management Software

Delivery management is crucial for businesses of all sizes. With Sonar’s courier management software, you can get organized and improve efficiency because of its industry-leading features:

  • Pick & Drop Optimisation plan the most optimal route, every time. Pick and drop hundreds and thousands of packages on the same route, with time windows, according to customers’ availability in the most financially viable sequence, for multiple drivers.
  • Driver Application provides geocoding for most accurate map locations, to ease finding locations for the driver. Features like real-time order tracking and electronic proof of deliveries enable automatic communication with the customers.
  • Analytics and Reporting Generate reports weekly/ monthly/ quarterly to analyse performance per driver, per location. Gather customer feedback and use data for remarketing.

Sonar Technologies: Best Courier Management Software in Australia

Delivery management software is essential for any business that delivers items. It can help you plan your delivery routes faster, prevent any issues along the way, and keep track of the delivery process in real time.

Scheduling and Time Tracking Software from Sonar Technologies is the best in Australia for managing deliveries, creating most optimised routes, tracking packages and addressing challenges like first mile delivery, last mile delivery & last yard delivery.

With this smart business solution, you can leverage the automation your business deserves, minimise paperwork, reduce lost data, increase productivity of employees and skyrocket your financial benefits. Sonar technologies make planning your delivery routes a breeze and ensures that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

For further information, you can contact us on a call or email us at info@sonartechnologies.com along with your queries.