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Enhance Productivity for Your Service Business

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Integrated Solution That Boosts Productivity of Mobile Workforce

An integrated mobile resource management solution that is built to boost the productivity in any services industry operation.

Every business has unique workflows and that’s why we have built this solution in a modular way that can easily be customised to your specific needs.

Our smart solution integrates with ERP / CRM seamlessly to bring real-time visibility of operations and updates.

There is a significant improvement in efficiency across the business and as a result the profitability are get a booster.

Customisable to Meet Your Specific Needs


Customer/Site/Location/Asset Management


Resource & Vehicle Management

Map Scheduling

Map Scheduling & Dispatch


Contract Management


GPS & RFID Tracking


Custom Reporting

Job Planning

Job Planning Management

Virtual Assets

Virtual Assets/Warehouse/Inventory Management

Web Reporting

Web Reporting & Job Tracking

Route Optimisation

Route Optimisation & Auto-Scheduling

Invoice Debtor

Invoice / Debtor Accounting Management

Real- time

Real – Time Mobile Communications



Looking For Specific Feature ?

Full Operational Visibility &  More Productivity

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Which Industries Benefit From Trans Service?



Pest Control

Fire Equipment & Safety

Plumbing / Electrical

Equipment Rental

Maritime Certification


Hospitals & Healthcare

Want To Improve Productivity Of Your Mobile Workforce?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which technology is used to develop this solution?
We have used C# and ‘.Net’ along with Microsoft SQL Enterprise Server RDBMS.
I have a filed service operation of 50 people in my fire safety business. Can it help?
Yes, our solution can manage the entire mobile workforce solution. It can handle 5 – 3000 concurrent users.
How this application maintains data security?
This solution has in-built data and security and keeps all the data safe.
What about integration with our existing systems?
Our solution is capable of getting integrated with various system that you might be using – ERP, CRM etc.
What if I need a specific additional functionality?
You can speak with our experts and they will suggest the way ahead!

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