Every hospital wants to ensure that every patient that’s admitted gets the treatment and care he deserves. However, patient care is entirely dependent on the several departments as patient moves ahead from registration stage. Having an integrated solution that automates the workflows across the stages offers a big help.

Sonar Technologies International is a leading ‘smart hospital management solutions’ provider that offers HMS solution to automate the hospital operations. It’s a solution that ensures that patient diagnosis records are available to the doctors when they are treating the patient. Here are the benefits of implementing HMS.

1# Better Management of Diagnosis Workflow

When a patient registers for treatment of any ailment, he has to be diagnosed thoroughly and the past health records may be needed as well. The primary benefit of having an HMS is that it helps to maintain patient records in a single place. It’s a great help to the doctors as they can check the record, assess the health condition and create a treatment plan that works well.

HMS from Sonar creates a data mart and also enables the doctors to access the records on the go or when they need it to treat or operate the patient. Automated patient management makes helps to render better patient care.

2# Integrated Hospital Operations

Every hospital follows certain processes and the various departments need to work coherently to offer the service that the patient comes looking for. A hospital management system is developed to ensure that they don’t work in silos and work as an integrated system.

HMS from Sonar is a fully – integrated HMS that operates the entire hospital operations as well as the workflows, making it a one coherent system.

3# Inventory is Well – Managed

Maintaining the assets of a hospital is a big challenge when there is no automation. Manual processes are inefficient and are difficult to manage. An automated process, on the other hand, makes it a lot easy to manage the hospital.

Our HMS has the modules and all the functionalities that are need to manage the laundry, consumables and other modules. The software also has the modules for asset management, and operation theatre management as well.

4# Availability of Information & Desired Reports

A big challenge with manual systems is that it is very difficult to get the information needed. However, a hospital like any other organisation has to be run efficiently and profitably.

With our solution, your hospital becomes smart. It also means that you will be able to readily access the information that you need easily. Our HMS is capable of generating the reports that are needed by the doctors or the admin.

5# Reduction in Operational Expenses

One of the key reasons why opting for HMS makes sense is lower cost of operations. The manual processes are known to have leakages and there are possibilities of irregularities. Having an automated system helps to reduce the cost of operations significantly.

HMS from Sonar automates the entire hospital management that helps to reduce the overheads significantly. It also means that the hospital operations can run even when the resources are limited. So, the hospital workflows aren’t affected, and the costs also don’t overrun.

6# Enhanced Data Protection

Another key advantage of hospital management systems is data protection. The system comes with different checks and balances as well as authentication mechanism that make the system secure.

Our hospital management system offers unparalleled security. Only the authorised persons can access the hospital records and enter the data into the system. Thus, patient records and treatment history remain safe.

7# Easy management even with fewer people

When there is an HMS in place, it’s easy to manage the workflows even with fewer number of people. Our HMS has the modules that are needed to run your operations and does away with manual processes. The automation ensures that operation can be run with minimal resources.

STI – Leading Smart Hospital Management Solutions Provider

We have been helping Australian businesses with solutions to manage their operations well. Our solutions are implemented across the industries – transport & logistics, field service operations, workforce automation, and hospital management.

Our smart hospital management solution automates the entire operations for the hospital and ensures that the data is secured, and the authorised persons can access it. With patient diagnostic records and history readily available, it’s easy for the doctors to design the best treatment plan that offers utmost care.