Having the best hospital management software is a necessary first step towards enhancing patient experience. Choosing an integrated hospital management system is the next step – and due consideration has to be given to the features and the functionalities it offers.

STI offers a ‘smart hospital management solution that comes with modules for – consumables management, laundry management, asset management, operation theatre management, patient tracking, patient transport, and ambulatory management.

1# Asset Management

A big challenge in hospital management is tracking of assets that must be available just when they are needed. With our visual asset management, the doctors, nurses, and others can always find the tools when they require it easily. The module makes it easy to locate the assets, monitor its usage, and also helps in stock-taking.

2# Operation Theatre Management

Our module makes it simple and easy to track the devices, and consumables. Moreover, it also sends alerts for the expiry dates. The system uses RFID tag or the barcode technology for tracking. The alerts for end-of-life help in better utilisation of the devices.

3# Staff Management

Our hospital management software has orderly management module that helps in most efficient utilisation of staff in the hospital premises. It offers resources management, rosters, management of timesheets, and also job requests and dispatching. An intelligent software solution also supports forecasting and budgeting. Our ‘smart solution’ maintains a record of all the jobs and leads to better forecasting and utilisation of staff.

4# Patient Tracking

It helps to track the patient with the help of strategically placed wireless readers. The system is capable of tracking indoor as well as outdoor patients. The tags can last for up to 10 years, reducing the costs in the long term significantly.

What makes it the best hospital management software is the full-automation of the workflows and end-to-end integration. Our solution is robust and secure, making it the most preferred solution.

STI – Trusted ‘Smart Solution’ Provider

We offer ‘smart solutions’ for many industry verticals. These include transport and logistics solutions, software for field service management, and hospital management solution.

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