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    Are you currently facing challenges in automating your courier process?

    ‘Courier S’ Handles Every Challenge  

    Software Handles Every Challenge

    Join the revolution – let CourierS redefine your last mile delivery experience!


    Every Stakeholder Is Happy

    CourierS automates the entire process and benefits the key stakeholders at every stage of the value-chain. The resulting efficiency makes this solution a win-win for everyone.

    Customer Gets Timely Deliveries

    • Notification ahead of arrival helps to plan their day.
    • Flexibility to schedule the service in case its required.

    Driver Complete Delivery Tasks Precisely

    • Receives booking order on mobile app.
    • Updates statuses.
    • Completes delivery and records proof.

    Admin Employees Raise Invoice Easily

    • Complete bookings can be verified for invoicing.
    • Driver invoices can be generated periodically.

    Business Owner Easily Tracks Using Dashboard

    • Owner easily manages business from a centralised portal.
    • Get visual summary of couriers delivered successfully.

    How It Works?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is CourierS?
    It’s the name of our software that automates the entire courier process. Once implemented there are no bottlenecks. Every shipment is tracked easily, and delivered accurately with use of GPS. CourierS brings in efficiency and also boosts profitability.
    Can this solution be customised to fit my specific business needs?
    CourierS has several modules – Customer/Site/Location/Asset Management, Contract Management, Job Planning Management, Route Optimisation and Auto-Scheduler, Auto Job Generation and Real-Time Management, Resource and Vehicle Management – including GPS tracking, Visual Asset/Warehouse/Inventory management, Invoice/Debtor Accounting, Map Scheduling and Dispatch, Custom Reporting Module, Customer access to web reporting and job tracking, Mobile device real-time communications, Direct interfaces to any back-end system e.g. SAP, Oracle, MYOB. These can be customised to fit the application to your specific business needs.
    How much time will the entire implementation take?

    It entirely depends on the scale of operations. Talk to our experts who will offer an implementation schedule after considering your project requirements.

    How will a successful implementation boost profitability?
    CourierS automates the workflow and brings real-time visibility of resources and the assets. It leads to efficient and more productive operations leaving more time for other deliveries. This affects the profitability.
    What if there is an issue after implementation?
    Our tech support team is available during business hours and offers continued support for any issue that may arise.
    Can it improve the end customer experience?
    Once CourierS is implemented, more than 95 per cent deliveries are made on time with high-level of accuracy. The customer get regular updates about the delivery – this transparency significantly improves the experience.